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Группа компаний Старт XXI век. Поставка электронных компонентов
Сервис поставок электронных компонентов. Группа компаний Старт XXI век. Электронные компоненты XILINX, Microchip, Intel, Motorolla

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English. Start XXI Vek. Service delivery.
Русский. Старт XXI век. Сервис поставок.

Группа компаний Старт XXI век. Сервис поставок электронных компонентов The group of companies "Start XXI Century" for more than 15 years of experience in the CIS markets and because of the experience gained in various areas of services trade and procurement business can offer its partners the best solutions for the logistics of supplies.

Core business "Start XXI Century" is the implementation of servicing customers of electronic components: integrated delivery of the order to carry out certain specific logistics or trading operations on behalf of the customer.

The main partners of the "Start XXI Century" are the official distributors in Russia of the world's manufacturers of electronic components, as well as trade and supply Russian companies buying electronic components for subsequent distribution to the end user.

"Start XXI Century" working with the most experienced service companies in Russia, Europe, the USA and other countries: shipping companies, brokerage services, courier delivery, etc. Based on the objectives, the best option is chosen transportation of products is monitored correctly and timely customs clearance of products, supervises the completeness and accuracy of all required documents.

"Start XXI Century" - is professionalism, quality of service support and comfort supplies!


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